I have met Original God 

Original God is Creator of human Consciousness

Original God takes you from darkness to light…

I have met Creator of our Universe after 14 yrs  search

I have discovered MIND OF GOD

Dr. Mukesh C. Chauhan is an expert on Original God

Original God – I met GOD after my Prayers reached HIM. I Prayed to God and

found both Original God and God of our Universe. World of science,religion,

philosophers or seekers are not privy to this divine discovery.

Original God created human consciousness before scientists Big Bang, who is

not found in any scriptures of the world like Gita, Bible or Koran. 

How would you feel if you were the Creator of our Universe, humans, plants,

animals, stars, planets, Sun, Light and Dark energies, Nature and your name

was completely covered up in a veil of conspiracy. That is true story of my

discovery of Original God of our Universe...what I will reveal will shock the world. 

Finding God is like searching for a needle in a haystack. 14 yrs. search for God is a long time, 18 yrs to write
HIS FIRST book on Earth is not easy, 23 yrs is even longer to reveal finest secrets of HIS CREATION…How
many people on Earth  do that? 

“That is why I am God”

World does not know where Love and Thought start from? Do you know? Have you thought about it? 

Love and Thought arise from within human Quantum light

World of Science does not know the source of human love nor does it know the depth of qualitative
aspects of Love. The Design by Original God or Creator is simply awesome. I asked this question to God –
How did you think about such details or depths to design of love or even flower and HIS answer was that
is why “I am God”.

Design by a Designer:

Original God is the Creator of human consciousness and everything else we see daily in our lives and
yet, HIS name is completely missing and covered up in a veil of conspiracy…I have unlocked one of the
finest scientific mysteries of our Universe which Einstein or Tesla would have been quite proud of. I have
discovered with HIS help how HE has wrapped HIMSELF in the finest layer of every human life on Earth.
World of Religion and Science is unaware of this remarkable feat of design. Original God has made all
human life and our Universe with an unimaginable depth of Intelligent Design whose scientific
knowledge is completely missing on Earth. It is an honour and privilege to be recipient of finest details
of new and original knowledge unknown to world of science. At the core of HIS Creation is Quantum
Code, Quantum Light and Quantum Universe.To understand this, one will need to dwell deeper inside
sub-quantum layers of energy within.It is even deeper than human Consciousness… It has taken me 5
more years after 18 years of Journey in Search of Original God to unlock some of the finest secrets of our
Universe like,

Scientific Discoveries:

  • Consciousness,
  • 3-D vision,
  • biological significance of phi ratio of 1:1618,
  • mystery of why everything occurs in 3’s in physics, chemistry and biology,
  • Holographic Universe,
  • mystery of what had happened at Big Bang and before Big Bang,
  • mystery of 3 Sun in our Universe,
  • structure of dark energy and electromagnetic spectrum,
  • mystery of inside of a Black Hole,
  • mystery of String’s of String Theory and hidden 11 dimensions of life. World of
    science says they are too small to be seen. I have seen them “live”
  • discovery of mystery of Triple Quantum Entanglement,
  • life after death, rebirth, reincarnation,
  • Formation of 3-D Atoms
How are planets formed?
I have seen Quantum photons of light, Quantum Light mystery and  have seen live subatomic particles
like Quarks and electrons. No one on Earth has seen direct vision of any of the subatomic particles. All
the sophisticated scientific experiments at CERN or FERMI nuclear capabilities or best medical
neuroscience research does not reveal this mystery thus far… $10 Billion Dollars -v- free of charge:
Scientists have invested over $10 Billion Dollars to unlock our Origin verses single person who has
reached before Higg’s Boson or God particle was discovered – all for free of charge. Dr. Mukesh Chauhan
simply persisted, persisted and persisted and did not take no for an answer. Original God is not my
servant – HE reveals secrets as and when HE wants to. Laws of nature have no sympathy for my personal
circumstances. I had to endure phenomenal hardships along the way to expose secrets which many
invisible actors and actresses of our Universe did not want me to reveal. Why? So they would maintain
their monopoly of being falsely worshipped…
Come let me reveal finest secrets unknown to mankind…Original God reminded me who I was 5000
years ago… people don’t know who they were in their last life let alone know how many lives they
have…I am revealing the finest secrets of Consciousness, life on Earth, life after death, what happens at
time of death, where human beings go after death, rebirth, reincarnation, Origin of Life and our Universe
unknown to mankind, scientists, philosophers or academics on Earth.  Consciousness is the reason why
human beings can design SEO words and Google and other search engines. It has taken me 23 years of
hard struggle to reach thus far to reveal finest secrets of Original God Creator of human consciousness
and our Universe…

To reach thus far, I fought 3 Wars:

  • Religious War

  • Spiritual War

  • Quantum War

Mind of God:

Einstein wanted to know Mind of God and he had not succeeded, Hawking wants to know the same and
he has not succeeded. I have succeeded where no one else has in the whole world in revealing finest
secrets of Mind of God. That makes me special and uniquely placed to deliver Creator’s secrets; how HE
has made everything in our Universe from finest subatomic particles to 3 Sun in our Universe. It took me
5 more years after meeting God to learn finest secrets of our Universe and Original God. 
My Journey in search of God took 14 years to FIND GOD, followed by 4 more after that i.e. during 18th
year to write about GOD with my 1st Masterpiece aptly named Journey in Search of Original God, followed
by further 5 more years i.e. 23 years in all to write about Original God of our Universe with my 2nd
Masterpiece titled: Mystery of Origin of Life- MC Theory.  This book is practical first, theory afterwards. It
offers the first theory of nature uniting everything small with everything big in our Universe fulling
Einstein’s dream of a united theory of everything which can be read and understood by anyone,
albeit with a new and even simpler energy equation replacing Einstein’s famous energy equation. 

Creator's Intelligent Desin

 I went through Mountainous difficulties in Life, survived multiple road accidents, being homeless,
jobless and penniless. I was well established in London and became zero and God elevated from zero to
hero – once God started lifting me up, no entity could stop me… I was born again after losing my
memory and had almost gone mad. Reawakening in the true sense of the word and discovering
beautiful mysteries of Origin of Life on Earth is something Darwin would be pleased with.