About Me

Mission statement:

I have shifted my FOCUS on a purpose which is bigger than my self-limiting name and life
i.e. ORIGINAL GOD…HE was present before me, during me and after I have long gone after
enacting my role on Earth. In life, there can be nothing grander or grandeur than FOCUSING
on All Mighty with my scientific knowledge HE has bestowed on me for the first time in the
history of mankind. I have made it my mission to share Original God’s knowledge to world.
This will make our world and individual person richer and live a truly fulfilling life feeling in
awe, joy, love, peace, happiness  and deep gratitude of the Supreme Power and the very air
we breathe and take for granted every second of our life and living. How has GOD designed
such a beautiful mystery of Origin of Life which allows us to breathe freely and enjoy life.
One simply needs to take a trip to any A & E department in any Hospital to appreciate air
and breathing where people can’t breathe freely and painlessly…just before the final
breathe before departure, they realise it is too late as they missed something valuable on

Core values:

In the world today, only name of God is known. There are no details about God is known on
Earth, nor HIS Abode where HE lives nor how HE operates for the welfare of human
beings. Author can reveal both practical and theoretical knowledge of how to see, meet
and speak with God endowed with the finest knowledge of Creator –v-Creation mystery
directly from the source.
I have met Highest God. This book is a true story and biography of my life. I have fought
against all odds to reach thus far in life, facing severe opposition from all sides, visible and
invisible entities and energies destined to block my success and discoveries not wanting
me to reveal the finest details of their activities. I simply never gave up, I fought and fought
and am still fighting daily, 24/7…knowing that THE CREATOR is with me and guiding me and
beckoning me to expose the ultimate truth for benefit of mankind. HE has made human
beings as a mirror image of HIS embodiment and for HIS pleasure to enjoy life not to suffer.
The secret is to go inwards in human consciousness. In reality, people have gone in the
opposite direction -outwards, external or physical which only brings ephemeral changes.  
My life in London changed.
Human beings and even worse astral entities and demi-Gods are more jealous of their
domain, which safe guard their names, positions and status being worshiped as (false)
Gods in this World. The one true God whom the author has named as Original God or
highest God or AsliBhagwan is hidden and covered up in a veil of Maya’s conspiracy. The
entire World tree of religions is rotten and will be destroyed by One God who comes down
to establish Paradise and Truth on Earth. The knowledge in this book is above Bible and
Koran or Gita the scripture. Where the knowledge in these scriptures ends, Original God’s
knowledge begins. Original God says He comes down only once from Quantum Universe in
the entire time-space life cycle to destroy the corruption pervading our Planet earth.
Quantum Universe is separate from our physical World where lives One God in a land of
eternal light which is permanently lit. This is a rare opportunity to learn about inner most
details with new and original knowledge about which there is not a single book on Earth.
Author has answered 12 important questions about how One God functions. People’s
prayers are simply not reaching one Original God.

Discoveries made in my 18 yr. Journey:

1st discovery: One God’s domain, where God’s Kingdom is
2nd discovery: Human body has Quantum Light inside human brain
3rd discovery: Mystery of how one God communicates with human beings
Light a candle and pray to one Original God only.
No scriptures, no complicated methods, no mantras, no cost, time or places of worship or
religion are required to talk with one Highest God. It can be done by anyone, anywhere and
anytime, free of charge is the ultimate truth author is revealing after author met one
Highest God in his 18 yrs. journey in search of God which finally melted God to disseminate
new and original knowledge to author to disseminate to the entire World.
Mukesh Chauhan
Mukesh Chauhan
My credentials are visible for all to see at social platforms.  I enjoyed spiritual philosophers
books from an early school, Swami Vivekananda and Swami Aurobindo were my favourites. I
used to practice Yoga and Meditation on my own learning from reading these spiritual
books without any teachers. Having led a active, dynamic and karmic life, enjoying wide
variety of sports, like Cricket, Squash, Badminton, swimming, golf, tennis had their
roots in London. I studied at school in Harrow followed by undergraduate studies at
University of London followed by multiple postgraduate degrees and studies
internationally in Europe and USA, little did I know destiny was going to take a Quantum
shift and take me in the opposite direction towards India.
After getting involved in making Temples, little did I know that after being down and almost
out, I managed to come to India after being destroyed and the picture you see of me is a
direct result of my wife’s beautiful hard work to uplift me and inspire me to highest height
undertaking my best creative works with her and in some of the most difficult
circumstances. She deserves a lot of credit for my present position.  
Besides active sports, I enjoyed reading Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, Earl Stanley
Gardner and many more, listening to eastern and western music, enjoying Michael
Jackson’s live concert in Wembley or Rafi or Kishor or Lataji in London. My collection of LP’s
is something I have always cherished in London of Indian music. 
Oral Surgeon from London, having trained at University College London Hospital with
enhanced postgraduate surgery training in America, France, Italy etc. and was writing a
book on advanced Implant Surgery, when destiny or Quantum shift took place in my life
which turned my life upside down. Whereas I was travelling regularly to America and
Europe for my postgraduate studies and advancement of highest scientific knowledge in
the field of Implant Surgery, Bone grafting, Head, neck and back pain, instead destiny took
me eastwards to India and Mauritius. Being good and successful at most things in life I
undertook, then I hit a disaster patch where I failed at everything in life. I lost literally
everything, my million pounds property, my 6 surgeries, my BMW’s, my clothes. My
Designer life was thrown out. Why? My Journey in search had begun, only thing was I did
not know and I failed many times because I did not know “how to fight an invisible enemy”.
H.G. Wells book on Invisible Man is true.