Greatness of God – Soul beyond scientists understanding

Greatness of God – Soul is beyond scientists understanding

Soul - beyond scientists
Soul- science does not accept its existence

I marvel at Original God’s Creation i.e. Soul or Atma.

This is one elusive entity which scientists cannot point or experiment with any certainty and therefore question its existence . What cannot be seen cannot exist or is not scientific. Yet, the exact science of human Atma or Soul is precise. It has a beautiful structure and function whose knowledge is not available to masses or science or mankind. Why? It requires God’s special love and approval. God has tested and tested and tested me to a point of no return and finally I passed all HIS tests…then HIS special nectors of Divinity flowed …Let me assure you folks, I had to endure untold difficulties and obstacles to continue on Original God’s path…NOT easy to flow against the flow of the world in the opposite direction. In India, it was Krishna alone who single handedly revealed finest secrets of human atma or soul whose knowledge has disappeared from the world, only few gems remain in the Gita, rest is missing.

Dr. Mukesh C. Chauhan