Infinity – Legacy

Infinity Legacy

Infinite Legacy
Infinite Legacy  

Infinite – Legacy, How many people on Earth say that or do that? I am the 1st person on Earth who has discovered that I wish to leave legacy of my finest discovery of Infinity in the heart and minds of people on Earth. Nobody in the world has done that, except some Mathematicians which is all theory. I am talking practical, not theory, no Mathematics or complex formulas. This is a $1 Billion Dollars legacy encapsulated in my Masterpiece book on Mystery of Origin of Life. My book is worth $1 Billion Dollars. That is the price I attach on this precious value which I have unlocked is present in the finest layers of every human life. The process of discovering Infinity begins on the inside of You – the human being, the conscious being.

Dr. Mukesh C. Chauhan UCH UCL London and India



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