To make 3-D atoms subatomic particles are required

To make 3-D atoms subatomic particles are required

To make atoms subatomic particles are requied
To make atoms subatomic particles are required 

To make anything in life we need raw materials. To make 3-D Atoms we need subatomic

particles which are the raw materials of 3-D atoms. So question arises who has made the raw material or building blocks of 3-D atoms formation in our Universe. Somebody has to make them some time in the history of mankind. Who is that somebody. Where is that entity. You look at the scene today and see nothing but violence and aggression. But that view deludes us from the reality of Creator. Why does not the world know about the Creator of 3-D subatomic particles. Nobody even thinks or questions this basic premise on which entire human body and everything else in our Universe is made from. 

You the person reading this has to think even for 1 minute why the Creator of the subatomic particles name is completely absent on Earth. Somebody is responsible for misleading entire Earth away from the Creator of our reality. Who is that? How did that happen?

Dr. Mukesh C. Chauhan UCH,UCL London and India