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Mystery of Origin of Life – MC Theory

Mystery of Origin of Life

“Life is a Divine Mystery between visible and invisible light.

The trick is to make invisible light visible”

This invisible Light gives true Quantum of Solace.

I have discovered the Mystery of Q, albeit 3-Q’s in our Life.

I have discovered
Quantum Universe
• Quantum Code
• Quantum Light

MC-Theory on Origin of Life is the first theory of nature which unites everything small (Quantum

Mechanics) and everything big (relativity) in our Universe. In the process, disproving genius

Einstein’s theories of special relativity and General Theory of Relativity or Gravity which does not

exist.Nobel Prize winner Einstein was a true genius. He had tried for over 40 years of his life to find

a united theory of nature and had disagreed with leading Nobel Prize winners of his time like Bohr

and Heisenberg. He felt definiteness of purpose in Nature. He was absolutely correct.

Over 10,000 world’s leading scientists are working day and night to unlock finest mysteries of our

Creation. 10 Billion Dollars and world’s best intellectuals and best facilities verses free of charge

by a single person and no facilities and being homeless and sitting on the floor. That makes me

very special and unique.From finest subatomic particles to unlocking over 40 scientific discoveries

which can win minimum of at least 6 Nobel Prizes in medicine and physiology, physics and

chemistry. Scientific discovery of human Quantum Light and consciousness, Quantum Code

mystery on which entire Universe is made from top down causation and Quantum Universe from

where everything is controlled by way of Triple Quantum Entanglement.


Journey in Search of Original God -18 years

I have answered some of the finest answers about God of human beings and how the entire hierarchy of life unfolds on
Planet Earth. This books explains where God lives,
• how to see God,
• how to communicate with God,
• how I daily communicate with God,
• God communicates instantaneously in less than 1 second,
• explains Mystery of Soul,
• how to see and recognise your own soul,
• explains Mystery of God and why there is a conspiracy to cover up the name of God
• there is wealth of information and new knowledge to last human beings many a life time
• God says new knowledge will bring pulse of happiness to human life
God can only be seen and experienced through human Consciousness, nothing else in the whole world. So what is
Consciousness? World’s leading scientists are searching for the Mystery of human consciousness. They have not found it
yet. They say armed with latest neuroscience research that human brain is conscious and can prove that. Scientists says
there is no separate space for human consciousness.